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• Most people in NE and MID- OHIO do not even realize that we live in an area that has been deemed a catastrophe region by the insurance industry. Year in and year out, we are pounded by severe weather and dramatic temperature fluctuations. These incidents and seasons can be severely damaging to our home exteriors, causing all sorts of damages that often go unnoticed or unattended to until it is too late. What may seem like only very minimal, or even aesthetic damage can and usually does get dramatically worse. A few shingles damaged from hail or wind today will eventually cause the surrounding shingles to fail, which may lead to thousands of dollars of interior damages.

• An insurance company cannot raise your premium due to a claim involving an act of God. There is any number of variables that your insurance company can and does use to determine and raise rates. Because we live in a state that is regularly deemed a verified catastrophe area, it is likely that you have already seen rate increases. These widespread claims are considered to be “comprehensive”, which means that you are already included in the claim. If you have damage that is covered in your policy, you should file the claim.

• Insurance claims are time sensitive and need to be filed as soon as possible. Each insurance company has their own statutes on how their claims process should be handled. However, many insurance companies are becoming more stringent and restrictive with their policies and how storm claims need to be expedited. If you have, or think you have a claim, DON’T WAIT! Call or e-mail INSPIRE RESTORATION today for your free, no obligation storm inspection.

• Hail and wind damage to exteriors is extremely difficult to recognize and will almost certainly go unnoticed unless properly inspected and identified by a trained professional. When looking for hail and wind damage to a roof, there are several factors that must be considered. A few of these are the type of roof component, damage definition, granule loss, shingle anomalies, mechanical damage, location, algae growth, and even such things as invasive animals/pests. Your trained INSPIRE RESTORATION insurance specialist will carefully observe all of these aspects for you to help you make informed decisions involving your home or property.